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Taewoo Kim, Head Chef at Anju

Taewoo Kim grew up in Korea, leaving to travel the world at the age of 19 discovering cuisines across Asia and Australia.

After back packing for five and a half years, Taewoo settled in London. He gained experience working in Japanese restaurants across the city for five years including Gilgamesh, Sake no Hana, Oka and Nozomi.

In 2016, Taewoo started his own food venture, Anju celebrating his Korean heritage with a stall at Fitzrovia Food Market (which still operates) and at festivals across the UK.

Opening in February 2019, Anju held an evening residency at Blend Café on Green Lanes which is now closed.

The long-term residency at The Gun in Hackney opened August 2019.


One question that everyone has been asking me since I moved to London is: “Am I missing Korean food?” So far I have to be honest and say that I have not. Firstly because I have been enjoying all the other kinds of foods I have been deprived of for the past decade, and secondly because I know I am heading back to Korea in a few weeks. So I can honestly say I have not been purposely seeking it out. However when I was offered the chance to go and give some a try on behalf of BEAST magazine I couldn’t resist.

Anju, the Korean restaurant, holds a long-term residency at Hackney’s boozer, The Gun.

Fittingly, ‘anju’ is the Korean term for food to be eaten with alcohol. The bespoke menu adapted dishes from Anju’s first residency in Green Lanes to pair with pints at the pub.


Having launched a successful evening residency at Blend Café on Green Lanes, Anju is now taking over The Gun’s kitchen in this long-term residency at one of Hackney’s best boozers.

Korean residency Anju launches at The Gun in Well Street.

When he first settled in London, Taewoo Kim spent five years working in Japanese restaurants like Gilgamesh and Sake no Hana before launching his own venture celebrating his Korean heritage.


The term anju in Korean means food to be eaten with alcohol – and the pop-up eatery that takes the word as its name has, fittingly, set up at The Gun, a pub in Hackney. During the week, try Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) or barbecue, sushi rolls and fried dumplings. On Sundays, swap the traditional roast for a noodle soup with slow-cooked pork belly and veggies.

Anju, Well Street, restaurant review: ‘Inventive, delicious taste of Seoul’

Walking into The Gun on Well Street – an old school East London pub built sometime in the 1860s – you might not consider it a likely home for a new Korean restaurant.

But Anju, which has held a residency in the Homerton local since August, seems to be the perfect match, given that its name can be translated as “food eaten with booze”.

Anju is the new Korean food residency at The Gun in Hackney

In Islington’s Compton Arms, they have the very popular Four Legs residency (which we Test Drove recently). Now the Compton Arms’ sister pub The Gun in Hackney has brought in a long term food residency Anju – which they’re hoping will be a similar success.


East London isn’t blessed with a huge amount of Korean restaurants – there’s Yanji BBQ on Bethnal Green Road and takeaway spot Jijigo – but with Anju joining the party, having taken up residence at The Gun in Hackney, we’re slowly getting more options in this part of town.

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